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At Toothworks Dental, we have always strived to revolutionize dental care, and turn it into a very pleasant experience. Our team is completely dedicated to providing high-quality care and an excellent patient experience, right from the moment you walk through our doors, until the completion of your treatment. And, as a testament to our commitment to excellence, we are proud to announce that we have recently received a QIP (Quality Innovation Performance) accreditation.

What does QIP accreditation mean?

QIP is an accreditation that dental practices voluntarily apply for, to demonstrate their commitment to meeting and maintaining high-quality standards of patient care and safety. Simply put, it demonstrates the clinic’s focus to provide exceptional dental care. Achieving this accreditation requires us to continually meet the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, in our everyday practice and processes.

Why should you consider choosing a QIP-accredited dental practice?

Choosing a QIP-accredited dental practice, such as Toothworks Dental, ensures that you are receiving care that adheres to the highest standards of quality and patient safety. It also reflects our team’s ongoing commitment to keep improving our standards, and constantly striving to exceed patient satisfaction.

Still unsure? Here are some very tangible benefits that you stand to gain with a QIP-accredited dental clinic in Northcote.

  1. Patient-Centric Care

At Toothworks Dental, every aspect of our practice has been designed while keeping the comfort, well-being and satisfaction of our patients in mind.

  1. Evidence-Based Practice

We are continually striving to offer the latest in dental care, based on evidence-based practices. What this means is that our patients will always receive the most effective and up-to-date dental care in Northcote.

  1. Trusted Dental Expertise

Our team undergoes continuous training and education, to stay abreast with the latest advancements in dentistry. Along with this, we also invest in the most advanced dental technology available, to provide our patients an incomparable experience from diagnostics to treatment.

  1. Highest Standards of Safety and Infection Control

As a QIP-accredited dental clinic in Northcote, we adhere to strict protocols of infection control, and always prioritize your safety during and after any procedure we perform. You will notice the extra efforts that we take to maintain a clean and sterile clinic environment.

Why did we apply for QIP accreditation?

At Toothworks Dental, our mission has been very focussed – to offer the highest standard of dental care, in a refreshingly pleasant way. We, therefore, pursued QIP accreditation as a way to validate our commitment to quality and patient satisfaction as a trusted dental clinic in Northcote. By acquiring this accreditation, we seek to continuously improve our services while also offering an incredible patient experience, every single time.

Our team is really passionate about helping you achieve your oral health goals, in a comfortable and caring environment. When you choose Toothworks Dental, you are choosing a dental practice that not only meets industry standards, but goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care to every patient we serve.

Experience the difference with our premium, patient-centred dental care. We would love to be your partners in maintaining a healthy and confident smile, for life.

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