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Teeth Whitening Treatment near Carlton North

Smile more, smile better

A bright, radiant smile has the power to light up any space. Unsurprisingly, everyone wants to have a healthy, beautiful, and dazzling smile that makes a lasting impression. There are quite a few cosmetic dental procedures that can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. However, if your concern is discoloured or heavily stained teeth, a professional teeth whitening treatment can be a good option for you.

Teeth whitening is a highly sought-after, non-invasive cosmetic dental procedure near Carlton North. Although it is a common and easy procedure with over-the-counter kits easily available at local pharmacies, it is always safer and more effective to have it done by a trusted and qualified dental professional.

So, if you’re searching for a reliable dental clinic for teeth whitening near Carlton North, look no further than Toothworks Dental. Your smile will be rejuvenated in no time with our advanced teeth whitening treatment. In addition to restoring your smile’s original splendour, we also equip you with ways to prevent staining and discolouration, through comprehensive counselling on dental care and oral hygiene.

When should you consider teeth whitening?

Teeth are susceptible to staining over time for a variety of reasons, including poor dental health, hormonal changes, unhealthy eating patterns, smoking, and ageing. Regardless of what caused it, a teeth-whitening procedure can help bring back the radiance in your smile.

Over and above cosmetic enhancement, it can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • People who have discoloured teeth frequently experience self-consciousness when smiling. Whiter teeth can help build confidence and promote self-esteem.
  • Elimination of stains and tartar during teeth whitening can lessen the chances of tooth decay and gum disease, while also enhancing overall oral health.

Teeth whitening at Tooth Works Dental

At Toothworks Dental, you can choose to have in-chair teeth whitening done under the supervision of our skilled dentists. Regardless of the cause of discolouration, this simple procedure can give noticeable results in just one session.

  • The first step entails conducting a thorough dental evaluation, to identify any oral health issues and to determine the next course of action. Once you are found to be a suitable candidate, we proceed to the next step.
  • This step entails the use of a whitening gel, specially formulated for you based on the intensity of tooth discolouration, and the results you seek. Prior to application, our dentists will place a rubber mouth guard to protect the gums and tongue from exposure to the gel. Once applied, we will use a LED light to activate the bleaching agents in the gel that will neutralize the stain molecules on the teeth.
  • Depending upon the level of discolouration and the desired outcome, our dentist will decide whether you need a second application of the whitening gel. For some cases, we might also recommend custom at-home whitening trays to accelerate the whitening process.

One hour is usually all it takes for a teeth whitening treatment session at our Carlton North clinic. You will be able to leave with a noticeably brighter smile right after your treatment. Our dentists will also prescribe an aftercare routine, to help you maintain your whiter smile for a longer time to come.

Sensitivity, gum irritation, and temporary tooth discoloration are a few side effects that you may experience after a teeth whitening treatment, but these will naturally subside within a few days.

Aftercare Tips Post Teeth Whitening Treatment

Always remember that with the right dental care, your whiter smile will last for years to come. Here are a few recommendations to help you get the most from your teeth whitening treatment.

  • 3–5 minutes should be spent brushing your teeth twice a day.
  • Use dental floss once every day.
  • Use fluoride-containing toothpaste.
  • Avoid consuming foods and drinks that can stain, such as soda, coffee, tea and red wine.
  • Visit your dentist for routine examinations and cleanings.

Why choose us?

Toothworks Dental is not your regular dental clinic. We strive to create a superior dental care experience, even if it means going the extra mile.

Everything that we do is designed around you. You can experience this right from the time you walk into our elegant, concierge-style clinic and interact with our staff, to receiving your treatment on ergonomic chairs along with ceiling entertainment units, that keep you engaged even as we work on you, you will see that your comfort is at the heart of our work

Don’t let stained teeth come in the way of you expressing your joy and smiling with confidence. Schedule an appointment with us to go over your expectations and discover more about teeth whitening near Carlton North.

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